Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bhajji shakes Sreeshanth; Cheerleaders, The Nation

Ongoing IPL has its share of fun, mazaa, excitement, intermittent boredom, individual brilliance, top-notch performances etc etc etc. But in the hindsight what catches the limelight in the first half of first version of this dream project of BCCI is Bhajji-Sree brotherly ties and premature sacking of Chherleaders' old Dress-designers and some new one (Probably with more Indian-ness) appointed to reinstate their job.

In my opinion the 11-IPL Match Ban on Harbhajan Singh is justified to the fact that irrespective of the degree of provocation, physical contact with your teammate or oppostion team's member is higly unacceptable. This rebuke is long due for Bhajji taking in account his exaggerated aggro on the field. But what’s indigestible is easy let-off of his Partner-in-Crime Sree(A)shanth. His demeanor on and off the field is really unwanted for and sooner or later he'll also meet with the equally harsh fate as his counterpart in that slap-fiasco. They might have embraced each other for the shutterbugs’ delight, but deep inside there would be a bit of sourness and that’s for me is not a good news for Indian Cricket.

Coming back to my next topic and my favourite too: Cheergirls in IPL. Recently, there has been enough hoopla over the Cheergirls’ costumes in all the Quarters of Political corridors. It seems politicians were more concerned about their revealing outfits than the poverty and corruption in our Country. It has been discussed in all the houses of parliament and in the aftermath of word-war it has been decided to cover up the girls. That might have dampened the spirits of few of the IPL fans; those are waiting with bated breath for the fours and sixes from the players so that they can watch the girls perform the jigs and do the best what they are appointed for: Cheer ‘em up !!!!

The slap cost Bhajji a whopping 3 Crore plus and that might go into the record books as the most costliest Slap ever. I hope sanity will prevail and he’ll control his on-field aggression and transform that into some match-winning performances. On the other hand, stay tuned for further subtle or major changes in the Cheerleaders’ wardrobe. You might see them dancing in Sarees or Gaghra-Cholis as we want to give Saas-Bahu-Sagas the run for their money.
See who is smiling looking at them: Its none other than Rakhi Sawant. She can still wear those revealing outfits and can shake her legs anywhere and everywhere.
I hate to use the above name in my article, but if Aaj Tak is on threshold of making her their Brand Ambassador, then why should I shy away. Anyways, Rakhi won’t mind, after all no publicity is bad publicity.

My apologies for not concentrating on Cricket for scribing this article on the inaugural T20 Premier League because that’s what IPL is all about:
CRICKETAINMENT-Manoranjan ka Baap!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tashan: A Stale Offering

Gone are those days when big-banners almost guaranteed the success at the box office. Recent Yashraj debacles (barring Chak-De India) and “Johar’s Krap- KANK” presents the ample testimony of this fact. Also, record proves that most of the multi-starrers drawn blank in the past and fails to live-up to the ever-mounting expectations of the audiences. So there was lotzz of doubts and anxiety over Tashan of Yashraj Factory, more so because the story/plot was kept under wraps for most of the post-production promotions.
Where is Tashan: The promos of Tashan promised a stylish flick, with entertainment quotient intact. In Reality check, it proves out to be “All Gloss and no Steel”. It seems Vijay Krishna Acharya, the Director of the movie, did no good for himself and the movie by shouldering extra responsibilities of being a Writer and an Editor as well. The story starts with elsewhere and ends at nowhere. Infact, initial few reels (especially the introductory scene) promises a great deal but to no avail as it slips from bad to worse into the abyss of distinct disillusionment. There are countless errors and loopholes in the movie that one review will be short if discussed in detail. The camera work by Ayanaka Bose is noteworthy in bits and pieces, action by Peter Hinnes is average and Vaibhavi Merchant’s dance moves has nothing to rave about.
Hero-Heroine Ka Tashan: After rollicking performance in RACE, Saif renders a dumb show in a role that has nothing new to offer except to the fact that, off screen, Tashan has given a reason to encrypt a tattoo on his arm. It looks as if he went into his shell and got totally over-awed by presence of Akshay Kumar who outplayed him in many films in late nineties. Anil Kapoor again proves his versatility going a full circle of performances in last six months or so. From a knee-minded Welcome to intellectual B&W, and back again to this Joker-role with a tinge of negativity in Tashan, he proves his mettle. But saying that, if few scenes by this Actor-par-excellence puts smile on your face, few other leaves you with disgust; blame it on “Overdose of Hinglish”. Kareena Kapoor in her new emaciated avatar looks good when registering her name in Yashraj camp’s Bikini Babes. Other than that she fails to re-create the magic of Jab We Met and concentrated more on Exposure than on performance. C’mon Bebo your voluptuous figure was far more attractive than this zeroed one. The Ace in the pack by far is Akshay Kumar, who lives up to his new attained superstar status. I seriously doubt whether Tashan will continue his dream run at the box office but he surely has left no stone unturned to make this not-so-happening movie into a decent one. His Comic timing is impeccable, action sequences matchless and dialogue-delivery flawless. All in all he’s the lone torch-bearer of this Tashan-less affair.
Vishal-Shekhar ka Tashan: The talented Music-Director duo of Vishal Shekhar has again given a top-notch performance in Tashan. Their fav singer Sukhvinder Singh does justice with Dil Hara Re which is shot at luscious locales that makes it soothing both for ears and eyes. Chhaliya Chhaliya works as a tool for Kareena to flaunt her new well-toned body with some skimpy attire. Dil Dance Maare will lose into the oblivion once the movie wipes from the audiences’ memory-slate. Falak Tak is a good genuine romantic song in the album and Tashan Mein played in the background through out, goes well with the mood of the movie. In gist, a decent attempt to carry-forward the legacy of musical brilliance of Yashraj’s movies.
Harjeet’s Tashan: If you get the feeling that my Review is inundated with the word Tashan, then let me assure you that I’m not in dearth of words. Instead, its aptly deduces my verdict of the movie: Its all Tashan, nothing beyond that!! If you wanna watch for the sake of it, go watch it or else….as I always say: STAY IN PEACE………..