Monday, October 22, 2007

Take a "Thrill" Pill and Justt Chill !!!!!

Going by the initial promos of the movie and reputation of today's Jodi No. 1 for Comedy movies, if you are expecting another laugh-riot from the Priy-Akki combo then you would be in utter disappointment. Again, if you expect a horror flick as per the present publicity of "Bhool Bhulaiyaa", then again you will be left burning your hands in disgust. Before you guyzz draw some negative connotation about the movie, let me assure you that I'm reccommending this remake of Rajni's Blockbuster "Chandra-Mukhi". To make myself clearer, lets move inside the haunted Haveli of "Bhool Bhulaiyaa"

Tickling Bones and Chilling Spines: The movie is basically a Thriller with few doses of Horror sequences and under-current of comic scenes. Creating a balance between horror and Comedy is one helluva job and I must confess Priydarshan has accomplished this endeavour with ease. He is surely backed-up with a script that is a mega-hit in Southern India, but re-creating the movie as per Bollywood's Audiences' taste is a commendable job done. The suspense and the intrigue was well created and comedy scenes were made funny by the sheer brilliance of Akshay Kumar who for me is the most improved Actor over the last few years.

Haunted Music: The background score plays an indispensable part in any of the Thrillers and Ranjit Barot does justice to the same in Bhool Bhulaiyaa. He made it sure that you are at the edge-of-your-seat once light goes off in Theatre. As per songs are concerned: Labon ko Labon se starts before you settle down inside the theatre and so can be easily ignored, Allah Haafiz and Lets Rock Soniye are other songs in the movie that almost slows the pace of the movie but thankfully these songs were cut short and looks a part of the plot. The chartbuster of Pritam Hare Ram Hare Krishna, crooned by Neeraj Sridhar clearly comes from no where in the movie, but its such a peppy-track that hardly a soul will make a fuss about it.

Priy's usual troop and a Surprise Package: As always, Priydarshan has dozens of characters in the movie and majority of them are the usual faces, namely, Asrani, Paresh Rawal, Manoj Joshi, Rajpal Yadav and all have played their part with ease without any noticeable brilliance which can be associated with any of these proven actors. Shiney Ahuja has nothing much to do in the movie and he was well within his limitattion. Ameesha Patel has been left with sobbing and shouting her heart out through out the movie. Akshay Kumar, as I said, is the one of the most accomplished actor in Bollywood today and he has shown all the facets of his character with an exceptional grace. Last but not the least, we all know that Vidya Balan is the most sought-after actress in tinsel-town but her stupendous performance in Bhool Bhulaiyaa will take her into different genre all-together. The way she has portrayed her complex character is highly commendable and we should look forward to some scintillating performances from her side in near future.

Harjeet's Verdict: If you have a sweet-tooth for sour movies, if you love to be horrified while laughing and vice versa, if you believe in the third world atleast for the sake of fun spanning three hours, Go watch Bhool Bhulaiyaa.
Else, as I always say: STAY IN PEACE.

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