Friday, December 28, 2007

Take a Bow...............For Aamir!!!!

Unlike Hollywood, Bollywood keeps on churning zillions of typical Masala movies to entertain the masses and nowadays few flicks, thanks to Chopras and Johars, targets the NRI audiences. Very rarely you come across a movie that appeals to the masses and classes keeping the entertainment quotient intact. If we go back down the memory lane of last decade or so, one man who has always kept his promise of entertaining the audience with some message oriented movies, its none other than Aamir Khan. So when he decided to make a movie with a child as a protagonist, there was lotzz of buzz in the air with ecstasy and expectations all around. Did he live up to it or he succumbed to the pressure, lets find out for yourself:

Donning different roles: Aamir Khan has donned three caps for this movie: A experienced and successful Cap of a Producer, a confident Cap of an Actor with Numero-Uno imprinted on it and a nervous yet presumptuous Cap of a debutant-director. Without a tinge of doubt, Aamir has accomplished this arduous task with élan. Aamir is the only actor in the tinsel town whose thought process commences from where others' ends. When all his contemporary actors are still busy roaming around trees and doing half a dozen run-of-the-mill crappers every year, this is one man who still believes in Quality Cinema and comes out of his self-imposed exile once he is pretty sure about the task on hand. And TZP is the ample testimony of this fact.

Wiz-Kid: The true winner of the TZP is a pocket size dynamo named Darsheel. It seems Aamir has an eye for talent as well, since Darsheel has enacted the difficult role of Ishaan with finesse. His naughty, yet thoughtful, eyes helped his cause in portraying all the emotions with ridiculous ease. This tiny-genious will make you laugh at his antics, at the same time you will cry your heart out with his pain. Its such a mature performance by this lad that I will recommend all the possible Movie-Awards for him, but I know thats quite unrealistic in our system. But as his mentor says: Who cares for Awards, its audience's love that matters and Darsheel will surely get bountiful of accolades after his stupendous performance.

Hai Na MAA: Coming to the music, the best song of the movie by far is MAA. In every sense of the word, the real winner for this song is the lyricist Prasoon Joshi. Each and every word of this song comes straight from the heart and add to it the soulful voice of Shankar and the very situation in the movie, it will surely moisten your eyes. Amongst others', Jame Raho and Bum Bum bole are fun-songs and picturised beautifully and goes well with the mood of the movie. Title song again has some thought-provoking lyrics and sung well by Shankar.

Taare Zameen Par: The support cast and crew has done a commendable job in the movie. Nothing is too flashy and over-the-top stuffs are spared-with for the sake of an intelligent movie. Vipin Sharma and Tisca Chopra as the parents to the kid have done a nice job within their own limitation. There are many worth remembering scenes throughout the movie and you are left with a satisfied smile on your face and tears in your eyes during the climax of the movie. Aamir and Amole Gupte (the Visionary behind this script) has surely brought stars to the ground.

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Harjeet’s Verdict: There are very few movies which prompts Critics to keep their dissection boxes under wrap. There are very few movies that leave an unforgettable impression on your memory-slate. There are very few movies that look a class apart, coming straight out of one’s own life. There are very few movies that control the adrenaline flow in your body depending upon the happenings on the 75 mm screen. TZP is one such movie.
Go watch it and Stay in Peace!!!!!!


RUPAK_REWA said...

After Aamir one who doesn't succumb to pressure of Propaganda and showbiz is Harjeet, this man has teared down the gigantic propoganda of OSO, and now if he says TZP is one of the movies of century we belive, havent seen yet but would be worth wathing, Thanks Harjeet, for saving my money at the time of OSO so that now i can spend it on TZP..

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

Thanx a lot Rupesh for ur kind words.

Pabitra Mohan said...

Saw the movie on Sat.....great one....