Thursday, October 23, 2008

Karzzz Stays on Himesh… deliver!!

So the Remake-season is back with wannabe-actor Himesh Reshammiya slipping into the shoes of “King of Romance” aka Rishi Kapoor and hoping against hope to recreate the magic that this tale of reincarnation has spilled over the audiences two decades back. Going by the pre-concieved notions of the majority of the movie-goers this audaciously bold step would backfire the Topi-less Musician-turned-singer-turned-Actor. But few of the hardcore optimists still feel that he can deliver the goods and will countervail the criticism fiercely bestowed upon him.

This reincarnation of 80’s blockbuster “Karz” switches over to the luscious locales of South Africa and Kenya in the first half and that I’m afraid is the only high point of the flick. The story crawls well below a snail’s pace in the first half and what you’ll witness is a Himesh-smitten “Chitrhaar” with few bunch of actors hamming right, left and center with HR leading the pack. Suddenly in the second half the Director remembers that they are remaking “Karz” and not the sequel to supposedly Super-hit “Aap ka Suroor”. So he speeds up the pace, exercises his brain and pours-in some innovative ideas to end up with an impudent attempt of remaking the classic. I would like to recall that I have christened the new twists-n-tales of the Don’s remake as an over smart move; on the similar lines I would dare to say those of Karzzz are utterly rubbish and infantile.

Music and Songs are always HR’s forte and in his own backyard there is no room for flaws and complacency. The music of Karzzz won’t create out-of-the-world kind of hysteria but nasal-twang songs are surely worth giving a shot. The best song of the flick- “Lut Jaoun” is used sparingly throughout and even kick-starts the movie. The second best song of the album- “Dhoom tere Ishq Ki” could’nt find a place in the array of songs and his supposed-replacement “Masha-Allah” fails to impress. The soulful tune of “Ek Haseena Thi” and the charisma of original composition is thankfully kept intact. “Soniye jee tere naal” manages to achieve grace marks due to the Punjabi-fervor and “Tandoori Nights” fills the void of a peppy track. The rest of the songs would appeal to hardcore HR fans, as they might sting to the others’ eardrums and when in the movie, further cripples its paralyzed pace.

If you ever wish to watch a bagful of under-performing renowned actors in a single flick then Karzzz is the apt choice. Gulshan Grover looks to portray a character in a MTV spoof rather than in a major commercial cinema, Raj Babbar was wasted to the tee, Asrani was ghastly-intolerable and last but not the least – Danny fails to impress in a role made memorable by great Pran Sir. New kid-on-the-bloc catty-eyed and stone-faced Shweta Kumar would be lucky if she gets another break to showcase her acting prowess, if any. The only silver lining of otherwise sorry tale of mis-happenings is Urmila Mantondkar who gives a much needed respite from other clowns in action. She shows the glimpses of her hey-days in flashback scenes and gives her compatriots run for their money with her greyish performance. Himesh Reshammiya, sans his trademark-cap & few pounds of weight and in his new weirdo-hairdo-look tried very hard to act. Kudos for the guts of the man but he really flatters to deceive; when he romances- he looks hilarious, when he delivers a dialogue- he yells instead, when he is emotional- he looks lost in Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa hang over, and when he dances- he hops and jumps. Still I would say, choosing such a challenging and immortalized role is a real bravado from Himesh but it would take another “Janam” or two for him to come even a little close to Mr. Rishi Kaoor. Till then – “Monty can never be back and Karz can never be re-presented.”

Harjeet’s Verdict:
For HR-haters and Average viewers- Watch the original “Karz” in dvd and use the extra ‘Zzzz’ for your sound sleep. For HR fans: Watch out for his brave attempt and the series of Nasal ridden songs.
In any case, keep “Loving to Hate him and Stay in Peace”


RUPAK_REWA said...

"when he romances- he looks hilarious, when he delivers a dialogue- he yells instead, when he is emotional- he looks lost in Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa hang over, and when he dances- he hops and jumps."
Very True!!
And when he Smiles looks like standing on a burning floor , trying to run away somehow!!
HR if you are reading this , please spare us !! You're a good musician and please remain only that!!
I'm Disappointed with a talented director Satish Koushik more than a non-actor waanna be!

Still Kudos to HSR for investing his valuable words for HR and being impartial throughout!
Review is a masterpiece,for a piece of----you know what! :)

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...
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sleepingghost said...

Seems HR incurred your wrath, your tongue lashing is better than your praise n so this review, better than earlier one. You are improving rapidly boss....infact I loved this one.

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

Thanx Rupak and Ashish for ur love and support!! Yep Ashu, its easy to criticize than to praise.

I said...

what to say...
i dont know abt HR or Karzzzzz
but your courage is commendable..
to go and actually watch an HR starrer,
you write well.. though.
keep up the good work.

sumi said...

Harjeet,whatever reviews I ve read of urs till now,none has made me so glad!U know why?Coz karz(I am talking about the original one of course) is one of my all-time fav moveis.And for u to say that there can never be a remake of it was so releiving!Thanx for this statement!Really,u made my day today!
Coming onto this movie,well I am not going to watch it ever..Coz I can't see HR doing what Rishi kapoor did(No offence to HR though), I can't see any shweta adapt herself to the role of chirpy and cute tina muneem and I can't see urmila doing what simi garewal had done so graciously in that movie.Make no mistake here,If possible I could ve watched this movie just for urmila coz i like her a lot.She is one of the finest actors according to me and I always like the kind of roles she does.But not here,coz she is involved in "remake" of my fav film!So I am at peace here by keeping myself away from this attempt to recreate RishiKapoor-SimiGarewal-Lakshmikant-pyarelal- SubhashGhai magic..
Second harjeet,this review made me laugh so much..It's so humoruous yaar!Great work!Esp phrases like "Himesh-smitten Chitrhaar”"..ohoo!I am still laughing!Thanx again for this grt review!!

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

Ya Sumi,
Even I have enjoyed a lot penning down this revu :)
This is always fun to criticise somebody than actually praising them. As a matter of fact half of the revu was already scribbed in my mind before watching the movie itself. I always knew that.. this would be a big Emotional Atayachar!!!
I am glad....I made u Smile (and laugh)
Keep smiling,