Monday, December 28, 2009

All izz not only Well…….but itzz Awezzome!!

With his new release- 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan would be eager to chant Merry Christmas with the hat-trick of blockbusters after TZP and Ghajini thrashed all box office records in the last two years. Backing him up in his endeavor is the superhit producer-director duo of Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani who has given us the affable desi character Munnabhai. So, the question remains whether 3Idiots live up to all the expectations or just fizzles amidst all the hooplah. Though in bolly-nagri fortune-pendulum swings every Friday, still if promos are any indication then the chances of latter is minimal.
3 Idiots is a satire against the society especially to those parents who overlook their children’s passion and dreams for more stereotyped yet alluring future prospects. Few reels into the flick and the sense of déjà vu surmount any other prevalent feeling at that point of time. While the engineering grads would feel at familiar grounds, others would find something or the other to relate to. The narrative never goes over the top; be it ragging sessions or campus masti, classroom arguments of the idiots and principles’ torch-bearers or hostel life antics, parents’ routine preaching or the romantic angle- everything kept well in control to keep the interest level intact. Ace craftsman Raju Hirani is mighty successful in churning out the best emotions out of one and all the actors throughout the roller-coaster ride. While few scenes prompt you to laugh your gall bladder out, few others will compel you to shed salient water intermittently. Add to it the fact that there were enough twists-n-turns that keep audiences conjecturing, tightly fastened on their edge of the seat. Agreed, few sequences were highly melodramatic and logic-defying which in turn might choke moviegoers’ intestines, but I presume our digestive system has been made immune to all these bollywood-sque idiocy, isn’t it? 3 Idiots is like a voyage that jump-starts with a fresh breath of air, jaunts with a fragrance of lilacs and ends on a summit.

Although, being a superstar Aamir Khan grabs the cake but still he is just the small cog in large wheels of 3Idiots; all the other protagonists gets the role that would grace their curriculum vitae in years to come . Sharman Joshi once again proves his mettle both in rib-tickling scenes as well as in the eyes-drenching ones. Madhavan plays his part as Aamir’s real buddy and gives an astounding act to be at par with other two idiots. As a lone 3 Idiots’ academic-foe, Omi does a superlative job with his cramming hindi recitation. He literally brings the house down with his hilarious “chamatkaari” speech on teacher’s day. Boman Irani continued the legacy of his previous two avatars for Raju Hirani and delivers a breathtaking rendition of obnoxious-yet- astute professor. Kareena excels in the short-n-sweet role and thankfully gives preference to the performance than to her new found zero-figure oomph. Coming back to the perfectionist, its amazing how an 45-year old actor get into the shoes of a 18-20 year old college going bloke, and that too with a customary ridiculous ease. He is one contemporary actor who convincingly tickles your funny bones with his unrelenting humor and also compels you to shed tears or two when he enacts the emotional self. I have made this as the title of my TZP review and couldn’t stop myself to encrypt here too “Take a bow Aamir, Take a Bow!!!”

The music and songs routine is stitched well within the movie and never looked out of context. Unfortunately, Raju as an Editor immolated the best song “Gimme some Sunshine” in the final cut, but still it would be the Youth-anthem for all those who miss their school-college days and want to relive those golden moments of their life. “Aal izz well” is the masti song and already scoring in the chartbusters, “Zoobie-Doobie” fills in the void of romantic number but picturised beatifically to give it a new fervor. “Behti hawaa sa tha woh” is like a rhapsodic ‘General Introduction’ of the lead actor while “Jaane nahi denge” is an elegiac plea to the almighty for the well-being of the friend; full marks to Sonu Nigam for crooning the song in pain-ridden voice.

Harjeet’s Verdict: (Abstaining from all Gyaanbaazi, my verdict would be ‘as fit as a fiddle’ and ‘as straight as a needle’; would surely be the shortest for me till date)
There are few other movies and there is 3 idiots. Watch it for all money and Stay in Peace.


Ani said...

Dear HSR,

Nice to see your comments and way of writing too. After a real long time have seen something which is really real and nothing is virtual. So simple and honest comments would make anyone to think that if anything has been done for only the job makes that the best. It is like hitting the fish eye without thinking and deviating for anything. Sorry to say that after reading people like "Khalid Mohammed" who wrote about the Badshah and Trimurti and giving rating of 4 1/2 made me to not to read any reviews but to give trial and error a chance. But this time sure one can see what to be seen according to one's likings after reading such an impartial, highly literary and good to read stuff.
Please keep writing as we need you in our society and that too many more like you.
Thanks for sending me this link.

Rinky said...

as always all izz not only well......but itzz excellent

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

Thanx Aniruddh Sir,
Such inspiring words motivates me to do better and that only spurrs me up to write revus. Do keep visiting my place and yess.. STAY IN PEACE!!!! :)

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...


Thanxx Sweetheart :)

sleepingghost said...

Guru...ek baar phir se aa gaye ho....n baaza faad...reBiew izz well..poora Balaatkaar (Read Chamatkar) kiya hai tumne...

Nitin Bansal said...

You should be invited to watch the movie before the release so that we can take a cue from your review

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

Pappppeee..control :)

Thanxxx for the praise buddy

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

Kaassshh, it is possible. Unfortunately, this honor is bestowed only on the established and well-known critics.... not one like me. :(
Anywayss, thanxx for commenting :)

RUPAK_REWA said...

Take a bow!! to HSR...
About movie we discussed a lot ,did postmortem n few of the findings are reflected in this review as well :-)
But your comeback in blog world is something to talk about !! If gap is soo refreshing i think you should take them often,devD was the last review i remember!!
First review as a married man :-)take my wishes and share credit with parjaaiJI for your refined thought ;-)

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

I have shared the credit with ur parjai jee..
Infact as she is my better half, so she ought to take half of the credit. :)

Mayank said...

Agreed sir that 3 Idiots is one of the biggest blockbuster ever in Indian Cinema...Aamir does full justice to his role while playing 20 something...But to be honest the movie is not the best of Aamir or Raju Hirani also...Former has awesome movies like TZP to boast about while latter made MUNNABHAI with more conviction...Notwithstanding ****1/2 star reviews the movie was actaully no better than DEV D, Kaminey, PAA or even Rocket Singh which were churned out this year...Anyway being a movie buff and admirer of the ppl involved in this project I wish and hope that they will come up with more meaningful movies in future..As of now Aaal izzz well.

Harjeet S. Rakhra said...

I agree that it is not the best movie either by Aamir or by raju Hirani. But still its the best so far in yr 2009. DEV D I won't count in the list as it was of totally diff genre and one of the best I have ever seen. If u talk abt pure entertainment along with conveying-message in a humorous way, 3Idiots is far better than any other movie.
keep commenting.
I always wait for ur valuable thoughts :)

astha said...

pajee tussi great ho...tohfu kabul karo :P